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Developer Guide

Learn about Go Bid and its current status.

Event Managers
Event Calendar


  • Stripe account and keys.
  • SMS gateway (optional).
  • List of any important changes.
  • Brand and artwork.
  • SSL certificate.
  • Account, event, and bidding system approval in order to begin work on other areas.

Why Go Bid takes an own-device approach

Event management

  • Requires physical access to event.
  • Lengthy administration for guests, tables, and seats.
  • It's 2017.

Own device, internet based

  • Ability to participate from anywhere in the world.
  • No administration - guests who hold the PIN may participate.
  • Encourages participation through familiarity and comfort.
  • You may use your account for many events.
  • Analytics - keep track of user activity.

Consider the fact that working towards the event management style completely limits the possibilities for future. Working towards the own-device based method not only brings its own benefits, but simultaneously allows for event management approach if desired by providing tablets to each guest, pre-setup with an account in her name.


Go Bid is designed to look, feel, and function the same way regardless of which device you use. This covers the entire application: public pages, user accounts and bidding system, and the Event Managers' area. The brand's final name and colours are subject to change.

The user interface includes near real-time status updates and alerts when events happen which affect you. You're encouraged to test the site with multiple accounts on multiple devices to see the full effect.


You may test everything from creating an account through bidding on lots. Post-event testing will be available once bidding has been tested and approved. Event Management is also open for testing.


The default bidding system is based on that of eBay, including max bids, auto bids, and bid increments. The system is proven, fair, and helps to protect against snipers. Please follow the bid amounts during testing and make note of any discrepancies.

Max bid testing: During testing, the Bid Timeline includes each bid's max bid. This information is usually confidential, but is shown now to help gain an understanding of what's going on when you bid.

The silent bid system collects all bids but does not reveal them until the event is over. A value may be suggested by the Event Manager. After you've placed a bid, you may only increase it; you can neither reduce nor retract it. When you raise a bid you previously submitted, a new bid is created in order to preserve the Timeline. At the end of the event, the highest bid (and the earliest of those if equal) will be selected as the lot winner.

eBay bidding overview
How bidding wors on eBay
Bid increments (Go Bid allows increments to be configured)

Account types

No account required; may view introductory homepage and public areas.
Standard user account; may view and join events and place bids.
Event Manager
Administration; may view, edit, and create events and lot items.
Highest level; manages all other account types plus additional site configuration (not yet complete).

User accounts

Since Go Bid is not an app, it is recommended that users sign up and bid from their preferred device. Benefits include re-use of their account in future, ability to record their activity, and a significant reduction of administration (no need to pre-fill names, tables, or seats for each event). It may even help to encourage bids through the safety, comfort, and privacy of their personal phone. Having an account also removes roadblocks between viewing an item and placing a bid: no searching for your name in a list or accidentally choosing the wrong option - just join, view, bid. Providing tablets on-site is still viable if desired.

Once signed in, you are invited to join an event. A demo event, Jamie Baulch Go Bid Debut, has been created for you, but you may create your own in Event Managers. You can then view the lots available, see more details, and place bids. Use to save items to your Saved tab. Items you place bids on are automatically saved in your Bids tab. Both lists have separate tabs for active lots (Open) and lots which have ended and bidding is over (Done).

When you have made at least one bid, you will receive a notification should you be outbid. Notifications are stored for future reference in Alerts. Additionally, lot items update with visual status indicators, and briefly flash with a highlighted colour when new bids arrive. Note that notifications require the website to be open on your device - push notifications are only technically available to native apps. As an alternative, email notifications will be introduced later. SMS notifications will be possible provided an active SMS gateway account is setup, for example, Esendex SMS API (pricing).

Not yet complete: When an event ends, bids are no longer accepted. You are notified about any items for which you were highest bidder. These items are stored in your Bids Done tab, and also on your account welcome page (Go Bid), where a new call to action appears: "You won! Complete payment now." The payment is made to Go Bid and the item is marked as ready to ship. The Event Manager will view a list of all completed items and their payment status. Once the item is released to the highest bidder, it must be marked as complete which finalises the process as far as the application is concerned.

Event managers

Event Managers

Choose Events to view, create, and edit events. The process is streamlined and includes helpful visual indicators when required information is missing or complete. Lot items can be added in seconds. The lot editor uses the lot layout to make things clearer. Images can be uploaded with drag-and-drop, and default images (those which appear in lot preview lists) are automatically set for you with an option to choose your own.

When choosing images, Go Bid crops edges and uses the center of the image to show in previews - take this into consideration when supplying photos.


Approximate completion based on known required features. Changes to the systems and addition of features reduces all progress levels by varying levels. Detailed progress hidden; request.


Developer notes

User flow

The user may use her own device by visiting the website homepage. It is designed with a mobile-first approach and works on any device with a web browser. She can read some information about the service, but an account is required to access events and bidding features.

Benefits of an account before any actions include being able to track user sessions, and helps remove any roadblocks between joining an event and paying for an item.

Once in her account, the user is greeted with a dashboard providing a summary of any actions required. By selecting Events, she is shown a list of currently available events (based on event_join_start_date and event_join_end_date). She selects the event she's at and enters its security PIN, provided by the event.

She can now view all items in the auction, mark ones of interest, and view and make bids. The Bids tab displays a badge count of any items she currently has a losing bid on.

Additionally, she may update her account details in the Settings tab.

  1. Land at /
  2. Read information
  3. Access account
    • Sign up; or
    • Login
    • Success
      1. Land at /me
      2. Complete profile details if required (social connect* is automatic)
      3. * Social connect is dependent on a brand and matching domain. Suggested login methods for this project: LinkedIn, Google.
      4. Join an event
      5. Mark items of interest
      6. Bid on items
      7. Pay for items won

Site structure

  • Home
    • Sign up
    • Login
    • About
    • Contact
    • Account
      • Home/Summary/Actions
      • Events
      • Bids
      • Saved
      • Alerts
    • Event Managers
      • Home/Summary/Actions
      • Events